It’s time to change how we treat neurodegenerative disease

Providing care for ALS, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias. We partner with you to ensure your patients have access to personalized care, when they need it.

Health Care Clinicians

Synapticure is a teleneurology platform that provides a continuity of care to people living with neurodegenerative diseases. We have a licensed medical group that is composed of nurses, licensed clinical social workers, genetic counselors, and board-certified neurologists. Our doctors have gone through a rigorous selection process to become a part of CareND and have committed to placing patients first.  We aim to improve care for all people living with neurodegenerative disease by applying the new technology and scientific breakthroughs of the last few years. 

A patient surrounded by a nurse, care worker, physical trainer, and doctor

We're on your team

We work with patients to understand how we can best augment their existing care in collaboration with you. Our goal is not to replace a patient’s care team, but to work with and co-manage patients that are referred to us. 

We help with the extra work

CareND provides patients with care coordination services, on-call neurologists, via accessible web and mobile applications. These capabilities are designed to reduce the burden on patients, and augment the care you provide to them. We work in tandem with you to provide wraparound care for patients, and to address the questions and developments that often occur in between visits.

A patient surrounded by a nurse, care worker, physical trainer, and doctor

"The foundation of Synapticure was developed by people living with ALS and their caregivers along with thoughtful input from leading ALS clinicians from specialty centers. The fusion of these perspectives will allow Synapticure to complement the care provided through ALS centers while augmenting and optimizing care for those living with ALS."

Dr. Jinsy Andrews


Specialist Access

Most PCPs are uneasy diagnosing and treating neurodegenerative diseases; >50% doctors in urban areas and >70% in rural areas describe a lack of access to neurodegenerative disease specialists

Immediate Care

Many communities face over a 6 months wait for specialists, losing valuable time to address symptoms, initiate disease-modifying treatments or enroll in clinical trials

In-network availability

Most patients and caregivers express a need for mental healthcare, but are unable to find providers who are in-network, available, and possess the right experience

Synapticure was founded by a patient and caregiver living with a neurodegenerative disease

With a care model designed by expert subspecialists with decades of experience and informed by the latest research.

Our mission is simple: improve access to personalized care that makes the experience of the disease less burdensome on patients, families and providers.

Licensed in all 50 states

Accepting Medicare and Medicaid, and are in-network with most insurance plans—reach out to learn more, or to refer a patient

How we support patients, caregivers and their existing providers

We help providers struggling to help their patients access a better model of care for complex neurodegenerative conditions

Accelerate diagnosis and treatment

Virtual neurology in a week nationwide; genetic testing; education on treatments and trials; accepting Medicare and major plans

Specially trained care navigators available 24/7

Psychiatrists manage treatment; therapy by psychologists; tailored for progressive illness experience; family engagement reduces stigma

Dedicated support for practices

Easy referral technology with shared care notes; specialized tools and resources for neurodegenerative diseases

Obsessive focus on patients and caregivers

specially trained navigators coordinate local services, support crises, reduce burdens, and meet patients where they are

Primary Care Providers

Collaborative access to specialists and BH care for some of your most complex patients


Improve medical expense management and close care gaps through a high quality, interdisciplinary care model proven to reduce acute care utilization, and delivered via telehealth

Health Systems 

Create access to patients in underserved areas, align in-system care and improve performance on key outcome and quality measures

Neurology Clinics

Provide wraparound behavioral health and other services, while helping to drive clinical trial enrollment

Long Term Care Facilities

Integrate with on-site care teams to create specialty access, reducing the burden on staff and residents to travel for ongoing neurology care

Community Organizations and Home Care Providers

Your partner for quick access to clinical care, while helping existing patients and caregivers obtain and engage home-based services

How can we help?

Interested in learning more about Synapticure? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will be in touch to learn more about your needs and discuss how we can work together to improve outcomes for your patients living with neurodegenerative diseases.