We're on the cusp of something amazing

The era of personalized care is finally coming to ALS. Synapticure will give all ALS patients access to the best care while fueling the advancement of personalized treatments for every type of ALS.

Our Story

For decades, patients and caregivers have experienced firsthand that only a select few ALS patients have access to the best clinics, testing and treatment options. We were told not to waste our time trying to understand our particular version of ALS but instead accept a care system and generic therapies that did nothing to change the outcome of the disease.

Like cancer before, a better way is now possible for all ALS patients. Thanks to advances in science, technology and computational analytics we are beginning to be able to identify and treat each patient’s unique disease. Synapticure was built by leading patient and caregiver advocates alongside leading ALS clinicians, biotech executives and telemedicine executives to bring the ALS care and treatment experience into the 21st century.

Our Model

Synapticure was built to bring personalized care to every ALS patient, upending the model that has been in place for decades.

The power of telemedicine

While traditional care requires you to go to a hospital for every single visit, we use our telemedicine platform to bring most of your care into the comfort of your home. We also partner with your existing ALS clinic or help you connect easily and quickly to a world class ALS clinic to supplement your care, ensuring that you have the best care available today.

Genetic testing

While traditional care does not offer genetic testing to every patient, we make sure that every ALS patient has access to free, in-home, comprehensive genetic testing that is shared back to you and your clinician so you can understand if you are eligible for the new gene-based clinical trials.

Customized care

While traditional care does not give ALS patients many choices on treatments and care, we work with you and our partner ALS clinicians to try to inform the best combination of therapies or clinical trials for your version of ALS.

It is time to leave behind the era of

“I’m sorry but we can’t help you.”