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Synapticure provides compassionate, personalized care for individuals and families living with neurodegenerative disease. Our team of expert clinicians and care coordinators ensure every patient has access to the care they deserve.

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Parkinson's Disease

Our Parkinson's disease care is designed to empower patients, offering expert diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plans encompassing medication management, physical therapy, and lifestyle adjustments to manage motor and non-motor symptoms, as well as supportive care to help patients and their families navigate their journey. We are also partnering with leading research organizations and other innovators to enroll eligible patients in trials for disease-modifying therapies. Learn More.

Alzheimer’s and other Dementias

Our care for Alzheimer’s and other dementias is focused on enhancing the quality of life for patients, caregivers and loved ones that is focused on each patient’s unique strengths and desires. Our neurologists can diagnose the type and stage of dementia, and work with you to develop individualized care plans designed around cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being. For patients who qualify, we help educate and identify treatment options for new therapies including Lecanemab. We also offer support to empower caregivers, providing guidance and resources related medical, legal, financial and emotional concerns. We also help coordinate respite care options to assist in managing the challenges of dementia. Learn More.

Huntington's Disease

Huntington's disease is a complex condition that demands specialized care. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, including genetic counseling to help families understand the hereditary aspect of the disease. We offer targeted therapies and interventions for symptom management and psychosocial support for patients and families to navigate symptoms related to movement, cognitive impacts, and emotional needs associated with this condition. Learn More.

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) & PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis)

ALS and PLS are motor neuron diseases that require expert care and support. We meet patients who have been recently diagnosed, as well as those who lack access to a specialty clinic or are seeking services not offered by their current neurologists. Our care teams wrap around a patient and caregiver, working with your insurance to offer expert neurology and behavioral healthcare, as well as support for clinical trial navigation, symptom management, acquiring assistive technology, and adaptive strategies. Our care coordinators are here for you 24/7 to ensure seamless transitions and support throughout every phase of the journey. Learn More.

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