Virtual Parkinson’s care—from anywhere

Our team of expert clinicians provides comprehensive and personalized care that empowers people living with Parkinson’s. We offer supportive care to help patients and their families navigate every facet of their Parkinson’s journey.

A Virtual Parkinson’s Care Team by your side every step of the journey

Our Parkinson's care is designed to empower patients, offering expert diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment plans that include medication management, cognitive screening, mental health support, physical/occupational/speech therapy, and lifestyle adjustments.

Advisory Relationship with the Michael J. Fox Foundation

The Michael J. Fox Foundation has worked with Synapticure to establish a Parkinson’s Expert Advisory Board that will help Synapticure continuously tailor its care to meet the needs of the Parkinson’s community. Read More

Personal Care Coordinator

As a Synapticure patient, you will be paired up with a Care Coordinator who will help you navigate every facet of the care system. Our Care Coordinators have deep professional and lived experiences with Parkinson’s and are here to take the burden off of you and your loved ones.

Dedicated Parkinson’s Specialists

Synapticure’s neurologists and movement disorder specialists come from top clinical training programs and seamlessly coordinate care with your local physicians to ensure you get the care and cutting-edge treatments you need—right when you need them. No more long wait times, no more searching for answers—we’re here to be one step ahead for you.

Mental Health Support

Parkinson’s disease is associated with higher risks of depression and anxiety than the general population. Our team of Neuropsychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers are here to help you with counseling and therapy. Our psychiatrists can offer input on medication management. Our team is experienced with Parkinson’s and can help you cope with the diagnosis and other challenges as the disease progresses. Your caregiver can be an instrumental part of the process.

Clinical Trials and Investigational Therapies

At Synapticure, we take a proactive approach to ensuring every patient is informed about clinical trials across the country. Your Synapticure neurologist and care coordinator will review your medical history, talk to you about your priorities, discuss the science, and review various trials.

Cutting-edge Virtual Care

Our telemedicine platform lets you have your appointment from anywhere—right from your phone, tablet, or computer. This enables you to remotely access neurological visits, mental health visits, care coordinators, virtual speech and language therapy, in-home physical therapy, clinical trial education and support, insurance navigation, and more.

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