What does it cost to see a Synapticure MD in-network?

Sandra Abrevaya

October 12, 2022

Sandra Abrevaya
February 9, 2024

We know firsthand the financial and time stresses that ALS places on families, caregivers and people living with ALS. These stresses drive families into financial difficulty and fray the fabric of love and support that everyone dealing with this disease needs.

We are building Synapticure to reduce both so that you have more time to focus on living. In particular, we are doing three things to relieve the financial and time stresses on you:

  1. We have focused on getting in-network with as many payers as possible in order to lower the cost for seeing a Synapticure ALS expert. This is the focus of this post.
  2. By being a virtual clinic, we come to you, saving your time and stress by not having to travel to see a doctor in between any in-person visits you may have. We also have a proactive approach that aims to help reduce expensive visits to the ER or in-patient at the hospital.
  3. We have emphasized making sure we can help patients get Mobility, DME, prescriptions, and other critical care (e.g., Home Care) reimbursed by payers in an expeditious manner. Our insurance navigation team helps you make sure you’re maximizing your benefits. This way, we can remove the burden of fighting for things you need to live with this disease.
Cost to you

We have processed enough patient co-pays and deductibles that we have a clear picture of what our care costs. For patients who are in-network, your out-of-pocket cost to see one of our ALS Specialists from the comfort of your home is typically $0-$40 if you have met your deductible. The final co-pay amount of course will be based on your individual health insurance benefits.

Who are we in-network with?

Synapticure is now in-network with Medicare, Friday Health Plan and Blue Cross and Blue Shield in 14 states, and will be adding most of the remainder of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield states this month. We are working today on Aetna, United Healthcare, Humana, Cigna, Kaiser, the VA and additional Blues’ plans now, and if you’re not in-network yet, just signing up and letting us know your coverage today will help us speed up in-network coverage for your plan(s).  

Covered Blue Cross and Blue Shield states today are: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Over the coming weeks we will add California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Massassachutts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.

What about if I am out of network?

Finally, we want to make sure that you know that Synapticure accepts all health plans. If your health plan is not listed above, CareND will submit any claim for payment for services, such as a visit with one of our ALS specialists, to your health plan as an “out-of-network provider”. Before you use any of our services, your care coordinators will provide you with a cost estimate ahead of time. If you do not have health insurance or want to pay out of pocket for the visit, we will discuss payment options and cost with you prior to the visit.

For our current Synapticure/CareND patients who see our doctors, we will work with you throughout this process. If you are not a Synapticure/CareND patient who sees our doctors, we would love to care for you today. To do so, just click here.

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