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Managing ALS is challenging. Using telehealth, Synapticure’s specialized neuromuscular team is here to ease the burden—all from the comfort of your home.

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Designed by an ALS patient to accelerate access to better treatments and improve care for every patient living with ALS, Synapticure is changing the experience and outcomes for the patients we serve. Covered by most insurance and treating patients in all 50 states, our telehealth clinic works with you and your existing care team seamlessly, from the comfort of your own home (or when you’re on the road).

Dedicated ALS Specialists

Personal Care Coordinator

Care from Anywhere

Clinical Trials & Investigational Therapies

Proactive Genetic Testing & Counseling

Insurance Management & Prior Authorization

Dedicated ALS Specialists

Every ALS patient needs a dedicated ALS clinician in their corner. Synapticure’s neurologists come from top clinical training programs with expertise in ALS, and seamlessly coordinate care with your local physicians to ensure you get the care and cutting-edge treatments you need—right when you need them. No more long wait times, no more searching for answers—we’re here to be one step ahead for you. Read more about our doctors here.

Personal Care Coordinator

As a Synapticure patient, you will be paired up with a Care Coordinator who will help you navigate every facet of the care system. Our experts have deep professional and lived experience with ALS, and are here to take the burden off of you—no matter what you need. From choosing Durable Medical Equipment like power wheelchairs, communication devices and respiratory support equipment to coordinating physical, occupational and speech therapy; and addressing other healthcare needs like a handicapped parking application, your Care Coordinator is in your corner.

Care from Anywhere

Our telemedicine platform lets you have your appointment from anywhere—right from your phone, tablet or computer. With our virtual approach, you can also easily include family and caregivers in your appointments, regardless of where they live or work. This provides family members with the ability to be more proactive in your care plan, to ask any questions they may have—even If they can’t travel to your in-person clinic appointments. Because our neurology team is licensed in all 50 states, we can also coordinate your care with your local neurologist who is not able to see you while you travel out-of-state.

Clinical Trials and Investigational Therapies

At Synapticure, we take a proactive approach to ensuring every patient is informed about clinical trials across the country. Because the time to qualify for clinical trials is limited by the date of your symptom onset—not date of diagnosis—promptly learning about your clinical trial options is critical. Your Synapticure neurologist and care coordinator will review your medical history, talk to you about your priorities, discuss the science, and overview the risk-benefits of various trials. And if you don’t qualify for clinical trials, we will talk to you about the options for Expanded Access aka Compassionate Use.

Proactive Genetic Testing & Counseling

We believe everyone with ALS should have access to genetic testing, regardless of family history or insurance coverage. On average, at least 37% of Synapticure patients were offered genetic testing by their prior physicians. Our proactive approach to genetic testing has changed outcomes for our patients. For example, genetic testing uncovered previously missed genetic variants that made several of our patients eligible for clinical trials, the Tofersen expanded access program, and the newly approved Qalsody therapy. Our care coordinators work with specialty labs to quickly ship you at-home genetic testing—at no cost. If someone in your family is a carrier of a genetic mutation causing ALS, other family members may also qualify for genetic counseling and free genetic testing.

Insurance Management & Prior Authorization

Our team understands the burdens our patients face in getting insurance coverage for the medications and equipment they need, and we ensure every Synapticure patient has rapid, expert support navigating the system. From supporting your next Open Enrollment decisions to ensuring you get rapid prior authorizations on new medications, your Synapticure team will get what you need done, quickly. Check out this blog from our medical assistant, Devin, talking about why the prior authorization process is unique in ALS.

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Dr. Danielle Geraldi-Samara, one of Synapticure's Neurologists with whom you can book a virtual appointment

ALS Neurologist Spotlight

Meet Danielle Geraldi-Samara, Neuromuscular Clinic Director

Synapticure’s ALS care team is led by Dr. Danielle Geraldi-Samara. For over 15 years, Dr. Geraldi-Samara has focused on diagnosing and treating ALS patients, beginning with her neuromuscular fellowship at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Geraldi-Samara has long-recognized the need for her patients to easily access care at an ALS clinic in their community; and thus, she established an ALS/Neuromuscular clinic from the ground up at NYU-Brooklyn. She also served as a supervising Neuromuscular Specialist at Northwell Health’s multidisciplinary ALS clinic in New York.

ALS Scientific Advisors

At Synapticure, we know how critical it is to stay atop the ever-changing clinical and research landscape in ALS. Thus, we are partnered with some of the top ALS neurologists and researchers as our scientific advisors.

Aaron Gitler, PhD

VP of Science

Bob Bowser, PhD

Deputy Chief Scientific Officer of Barrow Neurological Institute

Jeff Rothstein MD, PhD

Director, Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at John Hopkins Medicine

Jeremy Shefner, MD, PhD

Chair of Neurology, Senior Vice President, Barrow Neurological Institute

Jinsy Andrews, MD

Senior Medical Advisor

Justin Ichida

John Douglas French Foundation Endowed Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, University of Southern California

Sami Barmada, MD, PhD

Director, Michigan Brain Bank and Neurology Associate Professor at University of Michigan Medical School

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