Is ALS Hereditary?

ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, may be hereditary. Approximately 10-15% of people living with ALS have this genetic form of the disease known as familial ALS (fALS). Even if a patient does not have a family history of ALS, they may still carry a genetic mutation.  There are many genes that we already know that cause ALS and some that make developing ALS more likely.  There are likely many more genetic mutations that we do not yet know about but research continues to discover these various genes.

It is important for all patients diagnosed with ALS  to have genetic testing. There are trials that focus on specific gene mutations and potential treatments. If a person is not tested, then they will not know if they are eligible for such a trial and possible therapy.

Synapticure’s expert genetic counselors can provide testing for hereditary and gene forms of ALS. After meeting with patients virtually, Synapticure can send testing kits directly to patients’ homes. The saliva sample is sent for a comprehensive panel of over 30 gene mutations. Counselors meet again with the patient to discuss the results and next steps.

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