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As an Established Program for the GUIDE model, we offer specialized services at no cost to eligible Medicare beneficiaries in all 50 states.

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Synapticure’s goal is to make your journey easier. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the resources and support you deserve.

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Dedicated care navigation available to help manage care, schedule appointments, access services, and navigate home-based or community support for you and your caregivers.

Caregiver and Family Support

Eligible beneficiaries can access respite care, community services, future planning, caregiver education, and more at no additional cost.

Specialized Cognitive Care Team

Access expert dementia care with personalized plans for diagnosing and treating dementia symptoms.

Experience Personalized Care from the Comfort of Home


See specialized neurologists, behavioral health providers, APPs, and more within a week of consultation


From respite care coverage to caregiver support, mental health, financial or legal planning and insurance benefits


We’re here for patients, caregivers, and families around the clock


Eligible Medicare beneficiaries can access  care at no additional cost with all insurance needs handled by our specialists

Meet our expert clinicians, here for you at every step of the journey

Why Patients & Caregivers Love Synapticure

“The biggest gift Synapticure has given me is autonomy. Their incredible providers and patient-centered care model have allowed me to drive my own healthcare plans and decisions and equipped me with the resources I need to do it effectively. At Synapticure, I always feel seen, heard, and respected. I don’t believe that I would be doing nearly as well as I am today without them.”

“It is such a blessing to have each of the care providers at Synapticure. They have been absolutely amazing in helping us navigate ALS/FTD. It is so comforting and reassuring that the medical community understands our particular medical needs. Synapticure provides personalized care and they have such a detailed understanding of frontotemporal dementia.”

“This visit was like a breath of fresh air. After being diagnosed in 2017 and fortunately, my progression has been slow, we felt we were at a standstill. After speaking with our neurologist, we feel there is more hope in even the smallest of things, day-to-day living and the future for what might be on the horizon as far as treatment. We are extremely happy we found Synapticure.”

“Thank you for all you do! The journey with FTD is profound and without Synapticure’s caring nurses and the entire team, we would be struggling. What you do makes such a difference!”

“It is almost indescribable to be working with a provider who is proactively helping to solve my mom’s health issues. Our Synapticure neurologist is holistic in their approach to consider ALL of my mom’s health concerns and challenges instead of focusing on just one ‘specialized’ concern. They are smart and sensitive and even my mom’s primary doctor commented on how clearly thorough she has been in reviewing her records.”

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