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Quickly accessing Parkinson’s specialists is challenging—doing so from your home is even more difficult. Using telehealth, Synapticure’s movement disorder team is here to ease the burden.

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Cutting-edge virtual care

Remotely access movement disorder specialists, care coordinators, virtual speech and language therapy, in-home physical therapy, clinical trial education and support, insurance navigation support, and more.

Clinical trial support

MJFF has worked with Synapticure to establish a Parkinson’s Expert Advisory Board that will help Synapticure continuously tailor its care to meet the needs of the Parkinson’s community and to advance research.

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No wait times

Synapticure is in-network with most major insurers and will bill your insurance provider for any medical visits.

Dr. Jaime Hatcher-Martin, one of Synapticure's Neurologists with whom you can book a virtual appointment

Neurologist Spotlight

Jaime Hatcher-Martin, MD, PhD

Synapticure’s Parkinson’s care team is led by neurologist Dr. Jaime Hatcher-Martin. For over a decade, Dr. Martin has been caring for people with neurodegenerative diseases, specializing in movement disorders like Parkinson’s. With this insight, she recognized the unique burdens on her Parkinson’s patients. Coupled with the fact that many people living with Parkinson’s have no access to specialists, she became a leading advocate to partner telemedicine with expert neurological care.

Prior to joining Synapticure, Dr. Martin practiced at Emory University where she started her own telemedicine clinic for patients with movement disorders in Georgia in 2016, and later at SOC Telemed (now Access Telecare). She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, served as co-Chair for their Telemedicine Workgroup, where she co-authored their practice guidelines. She also serves on the Telemedicine Study Group for the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society. In addition to her practice, Dr. Martin continues to be involved in research related to understanding the toxic exposures that cause or contribute to the meteoric rise in the incidence of Parkinson's Disease.

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Synapticure, schedule a followup with one of our amazing specialized neurologists. We'll talk as long as we need to understand your history—no cutoff times.

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We'll gather your full medical history and coordinate with your primary care physician, if you wish to keep us secondary. Prescription refills, and follow-up visits from your phone.

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Clinic visits from home

Regular visits with your doctor are important in tracking your progression and regulating medications. We make those check-ins as painless as possible, so that you can get back to living.

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Experts leading the way

Juggling your care is overwhelming. No more scouring the internet to find local resources or new devices; no more researching new clinical trials and off-label therapies on your own. Let someone else do the work for you.

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Everything in one place

We coordinate genetic testing and counseling in order to place you in the right clinical trials. We navigate insurance for you, to make sure the medication you need is covered. Our list of in-house services is continually growing, with mental health and psychiatry support on the way.

I can't thank you enough. More has happened in 24 hours since my appt with you than almost two years...Thank you, thank you, thank you!