Helping ALS patients access mobility with Numotion

Care Team

October 10, 2022

Care Team
February 9, 2024

We are excited to share Synapticure’s first DME partnership with Numotion, the largest supplier of mobility & independence products and services in North America, to help provide our patients with power and manual wheelchairs faster.

Numotion understands the urgency in getting ALS patients their wheelchairs as quickly as possible, and has created an ALS Expedite Program to streamline the documentation and submission process.

For ALS patients today, the work to get a doctor’s referral to the mobility company and the work needed for an ALS doctor to navigate insurance is cumbersome and long. Synapticure physicians will support organizations like Numotion in providing mobility support to patients in a highly compressed period of time, compared to the 75-100 days it can often take because of the work required by ALS doctors, insurance companies and the wheelchair supplier. This means you’ll get the help you need when you need it, and not three months later.

Known for their extensive mobility technology knowledge, we are thrilled to partner with Numotion to provide our patients with individually customized wheelchairs quickly, and improve overall quality of life. We’re delighted to be sharing this news because it is critical that ALS patients gain access to these wheelchairs as quickly as possible – because of this partnership, Synapticure can ensure an expedited process for wheelchair delivery to our patients.

We’re excited to offer this to patients with ALS today. If you aren’t already a Synapticure patient and need help with mobility, click here. For assistance with lift access or other financial related questions, Team Gleason is an excellent resource, and can be reached here.

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