How The Dementia GUIDE Program Enhances Caregiving

Peter Wallach

December 13, 2023

Peter Wallach
February 9, 2024

In July 2023, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a first-of-its kind program designed to support patients and caregivers living with dementia. In this blog post, we have collected a set of frequently asked questions about GUIDE, as well as details on how Synapticure uniquely equips ACOs and health systems to participate in GUIDE.

What is the GUIDE program?

GUIDE is a nationwide program from CMS that “aims to support people living with dementia and their unpaid caregivers.” The program’s reimbursable elements are designed to improve quality of life, reduce caregiver burden, and enhance the dementia care ecosystem. 

Participating GUIDE providers will receive reimbursement for care navigation, 24/7 support, caregiver education, respite care, and other activities that unpaid caregivers have traditionally shouldered.

What can GUIDE do for ACOs, health systems, and providers?

Today, over 10% of Medicare beneficiaries are living with a dementia diagnosis, with prevalence only expected to grow in the coming years. These diagnoses take devastating tolls on families and on the healthcare system: Medical costs of Medicare patients with Alzheimer’s are 3x higher than their peers. Many of these costs are avoidable (e.g., high rates of hospitalization, emergency department visits, post-acute care utilization), but a dearth of “dementia proficient” physicians leads to monthslong specialist waitlists, adverse outcomes, and system overutilization. =

Moreover, patients navigating this care ecosystem frequently experience depression, behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, and poor management of other co-occurring conditions. The status quo overburdens patients, caregivers, and physicians.

GUIDE introduces a novel, comprehensive care model for patients and caregivers living with dementia. To qualify for the program, participating providers must staff interdisciplinary care teams with licensed and unlicensed team members, all specialized in supporting the unique needs of dementia patients and their caregivers. Working in partnership with patients’ PCPs, these interdisciplinary teams will expand clinical capacity; provide proactive, responsive support; coordinate care; and educate and support caregivers.

Why partner with Synapticure?

Expert wraparound care for dementia

Since 2021, our interdisciplinary team of MDs, Care Coordinators, and Behavioral Health providers have supported patients and caregivers with our comprehensive virtual care model that meets all GUIDE model requirements. Our single-provider group operates across all 50 states and is often able to see patients within two weeks of enrollment.

We make life easier for provider partners

Our virtual-first model allows us to partner with ACOs and health systems on a modular basis, adding and removing services when relevant. Our team functions as an extension of yours, from anywhere on the disease spectrum (i.e., from pre-diagnosis to hospice). Because we employ our own physicians, we operate on a fee-for-service basis, making partnerships expedient and straightforward.

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