How Do I get in a Clincal Trial for Parkinson's Disease?

Getting into clinical trials can be a frustrating and difficult task. Clinical trials are very specific in their requirements for age, disease progression, location and a number of other factors, and knowing which trials are a fit for you – and how to enroll in these trials –  is a skill of its own.

The easiest method to get into a trial is to talk to your neurologist to see if there are any local trials available which they may be aware of. They should have a good beat on trials running at local clinics and the enrollment criteria of these trials.

If you want to do more research yourself, or do not have a neurologist, there are various clinical trial search tools available online such as and There are also national organizations dedicated to research in PD such as the Parkinson’s disease study group that may have more information about clinical trials available. 

A third option is to talk to your Synapticure care coordinator. Synapticure has Care Coordinators who are knowledgeable in current trials and should be able to guide you to the right trials given your age, disease progression, location and any other number of factors. In many cases, we can help fill out the paper work needed for actual enrollment, too. Synapticure’s multidisciplinary team has been helping those living with Parkinson’s for decades and comprises expert movement disorders specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, social workers, nurses, and more. We can help facilitate diagnosis and our experts provide you with a personalized care plan to fit your unique journey with Parkinson’s that includes access to genetic testing and counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, mental health support, clinical trials, and investigational therapies.

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