What Are Some Good Balance Exercises for Parkinson's Disease?

Exercise is key in Parkinson’s disease. We do know that exercise helps delay progression. Based on the Parkinson’s Outcomes project from the Parkinson’s Foundation, current recommendations are for 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per week. This does not solely need to be aerobic but can include strength training, stretching, and balance exercises. It is important to practice exercise safely. If you have balance issues, having someone with you is important to avoid falls.

If you are new to exercise, it is advisable to start with a physical therapist who specializes in Parkinson’s disease or is certified in BIG physical therapy. Remember to pace yourself and modify exercise over time. There are a variety of options for PD patients to do this at home or in person. You may even want to check out if your local YMCA offers Rock Steady Boxing or Pedaling for Parkinson’s Disease. Some other balance exercises include yoga, tai chi, dance, and boxing.

Be sure to reach out to your Synapticure Neurologist for help devising an exercise plan curated for your symptoms.

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