Time and money shouldn’t be why you can’t see your care team

Robert Potts

October 26, 2022

Robert Potts
February 9, 2024

If you're like me you’d rather stay home than travel, especially when traveling requires a lot of preparation and, not to mention, time away from friends and family.  Not only that, but traveling is expensive, on average it could cost between $150 and $2,000 per trip.  Traveling also increases the likelihood of a fall and contracting COVID, both of which could result in an emergency room visit, and who wants to sit in an emergency room waiting for them to tell you something you already know?

So, why travel to see a clinician, when they can come to you via telehealth?  Since the pandemic, there have been numerous studies and patient survey, like this ALSA study, that show seeing your clinician via telehealth can save time, and money, they are also just as effective as an in-person visit.  Don’t forget the lost income for your caregiver or the cost of the care.

I know, I am not telling you something you don’t already know, over 60% of individuals with ALS have indicated that through telehealth they are able to improve their quality of life.  Together we can make the need for some in-person visits a thing of the past.

Synapticure offers tele-neurology visits that allow you to receive excellent, low-cost care from the comfort of your own home. You can even keep those bunny slippers on during the visit.  

Enrolling is super simple! Synapticure’s knowledgeable and caring coordinators can help you to schedule a visit with one of our board-certified neurologists and genetic counselors.

Ready to get started?

Your first consultation with a care navigator is at no cost. Give us a call at 855-255-5917 for details.

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