What is Care Coordination?

Meagan Gates, LCSW

September 29, 2022

Meagan Gates, LCSW
February 9, 2024

What is care coordination? By definition, it might be defined as “synchronizing the delivery of a patient's health care from multiple providers.”

At Synapticure, that definition is just the tip of the care coordination iceberg. Our care coordinators have come from various nursing and social work backgrounds and life experiences but we are all aligned with the same driving focus and mission: to transform care for individuals living with neurodegenerative diseases.  Meeting patients where they are in their journey, we strive to provide compassionate, person-centered support as we facilitate connections to specialty Clinicians and resources.

We value connection with our patients and caregivers and check in frequently to stay up to date with their care.

We rejoice with patients and our team when long-awaited access to a therapeutic treatment becomes a reality.

We brainstorm difficult issues surrounding patient care as a team to construct unique solutions.

We grieve when our patients and caregivers are grieving and honor those who have passed away with a monthly moment of silence.

We are continually listening to our patients, looking for opportunities to build on our current service offerings to meet their needs.

We believe in the value of teamwork. Whether our medical assistants are helping with medical records collection, our genetic counselor is reviewing lab results or our neurologists are ordering home equipment, we know that each team member plays a critical role in putting together the care coordination puzzle.

We believe in a world where anyone living with a neurodegenerative disease has access to curative treatments and have hope that it will happen soon.

Here’s to changing the world, together

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